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Future for all

Let us for one moment forget what we know, what we believe, the opinions we have. It has never been our ideas, our beliefs, our opinions that have directly shaped our world. The world has its own future. There are huge forces shaping that future and they do not depend on what you or I think or believe.

Let us suspend for a moment what is in our heads and see with open eyes what is happening in the world. What we see is a world moving with lightning speed towards unity, towards equality, towards prosperity for all. This world is not going to stop because we do not see or do not understand. This world is creative and creating, it is innovative and innovating, it is building the cornerstones to a magnificent future for all.

Effective Micro-organism technology

We believe that the dangers in our world are threatening our very existence.
But are they? We thought that with the increasing population we would not be able to feed all. We now see we have enough for all and the only problem is distribution and willingness to share our technology. We thought that pollution will destroy our habitat.
We now see that Effective Microorganism technology not only effectively battles pollution successfully but brings our land back to original fertility and authenticity. We thought that overpopulation is the great curse of our future. We now see that with the emergence of the economies of India and China (and Russia in its wake) the population is becoming a boon for these countries and for the world. People are not a burden. With education nobody is a burden, everyone is an asset, a unit of creative prosperity. We thought that nuclear war would destroy our world. We have seen the Wall fall and peacekeeping forces prevent acceleration in conflicts.

What we have to see now, what we can see now, is that the world, the world forces are moving towards abolishment of violence; violence between nations, within nations and between people. The world needs peace to establish the ground for the next step: prosperity for all. War, violence stands for destruction, stands for fear. Prosperity cannot coexist with destruction and fear. Prosperity needs a basis of peace and freedom on which initiative, creativity, innovation, responsibility can flower.

A World Peace Army

The world needs an instrument and an institute to symbolize this forward movement towards peace. The world is working towards unity and a World Army is the symbol of that aspiration. It is a necessary institution for the people of the world to belief that an era of peace is being established. A World Peace Army is the last army on earth, the army that will bring freedom to all. It is the army to protect all people from violence. It is the dream of every child in this world. This dream is on its way to fulfillment. Will you help to envision this dream, to support this dream, to promote this dream so our children will live in a world of peace?